Volunteer Testimony: Marco Perez

June 13th, 2019

Volunteer Testimony: Marco Perez

Hello, my name is Marco Perez. I am a senior at Howard High School.

I was one of many seniors that didn’t know where to go for my volunteer hours. I turned to my guidance counselor for help, and she gave me the number of the Director of Community Outreach, Gloria.

While I was at the Bethlehem Center, I helped around with whatever was needed. I ended up helping in the food pantry and did other general cleaning duties. I also helped set up for bingo at the Beth and the Mary Walker Towers.

I really enjoyed my time at the Beth. Working with the seniors and seeing them happy playing bingo made me happy.

I thought volunteering would be boring, and that I'd have to do stuff that really didn’t matter. Now that I have actually volunteered my views have changed and made me realize that it does matter. It may not seem much, but the little we give is a lot for many others.

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