Read to Lead Highlight:

June 28th, 2018

                              Mr. Larry

At the Beth we are blessed to have dedicated teachers who enjoy working with our kids. One of these awesome teachers is Mr. Larry! Larry has been a part of the Beth family for about a year. He wanted to work with the Read to Lead Academy because he is passionate about helping kids and giving back to the community. Growing up, Larry had people in his life that positively impacted him and pointed him in the right direction. Now he believes it’s his calling to do the same for others.

Larry lives out this calling by being a positive influence in the lives of his middle school students. During the school year he led discussions with his class about notable Black figures and the important accomplishments that they made. Since then he says “it’s cool to watch them grow and take pride in their culture and history as African - Americans.” He can see a maturity in them that they didn’t have before.

Not only is Larry a part of the Read to Lead after school program, but he also works in our summer program called Jump STArt Camp and our youth sports program. During camp he works with his middle schoolers and attends their weekly field trips. For the sports program he helps with the middle school teams and referees for the summer Preschool League on Saturdays.

It’s clear to see that Larry is dedicated to his community and enjoys watching his students grow academically and spiritually.

The Beth is proud to have a passionate teacher who wants the best for his students.

Shari J. Watson

Shari is a UTC graduate with a background in music and writing. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator at the Bethlehem Center. She enjoys being out in nature, laughing with friends, eating Chinese food, and traveling as much as she can.

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