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September 21st, 2017

Lessons Learned Through a Community Assessment

In July 2017, the Bethlehem Center joined forces with Covenant College’s departments of Economics and Community Development, and Bridge City Community Church to help us get to know the families we want to serve in South Chattanooga.

Our survey is called the South Chattanooga Community Assessment. Since the planning process began in December 2016, I have been blown away by both Covenant College and Bridge City’s unreserved support month in and month out.

Anna Rannou, the Internship/ Practicum Coordinator for the departments of Economics and Community Development is heading the assessment for us on a volunteer basis. Just last week Anna took a team of 3 Covenant students/ alums to the Alton Place apartments from about 4:30 p.m. - 8 p.m., where she met with and surveyed residents who live in that community. Anna didn’t have to do it, but she did, and she chose to do it with a bubbly attitude and huge smile.

This is just one example of the time that Anna has dedicated to the project since December 2016. It has shown me just how much the Bethlehem Center can accomplish when individuals share their skills with the Bethlehem Center.

Anna’s skill is implementing surveys from start to finish and because of her we are collecting data that can inform the programs we offer here at the Bethlehem Center.

But there’s a big picture and that’s this - partnerships matter. Nonprofit’s like ours benefit so much from a few committed individuals or corporations who are willing to give their skills, time, or donations. If you are passionate about the work of the Bethlehem Center, what is one area in which you can make a commitment that can help us change lives here in South Chattanooga?

 It could be volunteering your skill, a monthly donation, volunteering in the Read to Lead Academy, or praying for the Beth! It’s commitments like these that make a big difference for organizations like ours, and I learned this through the dedication of partners like Covenant College and Bridge City Community Church.

Gloria Dubose 

Gloria is now the Projects & Marketing Manager at The Bethlehem Center. She started at the Beth as an unpaid intern and she's been here ever since doing everything from administration to event planning and social media.
She's a proud Moc (UTC alumni) passionate about learning everything Latin (including Spanish).
To connect with Gloria email [email protected]

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