Summer Program Highlight:

August 23rd, 2017

Bethlehem Jump STArt Camp

As summer ends, the Beth looks back at Bethlehem Jump STArt camp with a sense of accomplishment. We couldn't be more proud of our Director of Education, Rachel DeVore, for giving her all to the program. 

Mrs. Rachel’s face lit up as she talked about a couple of campers who she witnessed grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally over the summer. She explained how different learning expeditions provided many new experiences for the kids. When they visited the aquarium, a child named Marlon had his first encounter with a shark.

 “The shark came right up to the glass and little Marlon ran off screaming,” Mrs. Rachel laughed. “For Marlon to come face to face with something bigger than himself was a chance for him to grow even though the experience was a little scary.”  

Marlon saw a lot of new animals that brought a smile to his face and his trip to the Aquarium allowed him to expand his knowledge of God’s awesome creation. Mrs. Rachel believes exposing our campers to new things will help them as adults. Marlon’s visit to the aquarium might one day spark a new interest that can lead him to get a degree in marine biology. The possibilities created by our learning expeditions are limitless!

Mrs. Rachel mentioned another camper named Maya. Over the summer, Maya improved her self-control and learned to respond more positively to situations she didn’t like. Her positive attitude was rewarded periodically with pretend money called Beth Bucks that our kids can spend at the Beth Store. The Beth Store is a collection of toys, snacks, games, and more that the children can buy. 

Most of our kids quickly spend their Beth bucks, but Maya saved hers in order to purchase an X Box 360. It cost over 100 Beth bucks and took a few weeks of saving. Maya’s demonstration of self discipline was impressive.
“Maya was so proud of her new game that she carried the display box with her for the entire day,” Mrs. Rachel grinned.

Seeing the kids grow into more confident individuals is what makes Mrs. Rachel and our teaching staff so passionate about our Read to Lead and summer programs.
“We at the Beth need to be the ones they can talk to and laugh with,” Mrs. Rachel said. “We need to be their encouragers and show them how a positive mindset can lead to positive changes.”  

We are thankful for Mrs. Rachel’s dedication to our kids and for providing them with a safe haven where they can become their best selves. It’s because of staff members like her that our kids are inspired to believe that they’re capable of having a bright future.

Shari J. Watson

Shari is a UTC graduate with a background in music and writing and is currently the Marketing Assistant at the Bethlehem Center.  
She enjoys being out in nature, laughing with friends, eating Chinese food, and traveling as much as she can. 

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