Christmas Gifts Made Easy: In Four Simple Steps

November 22nd, 2016

Christmas Gifts Made Easy

In Four Simple Steps

If you’re like me, the thought of making crafty christmas gifts makes you cringe. The amount of time and effort doesn't seem worth it when you can easily buy something from the store.  But if you’re also like me, paying for numerous gifts makes you wonder if your budget can handle christmas shopping at all this year.

So what’s a cheap and somewhat lazy shopper supposed to do?

Dictionary Print Art

Dictionary art is a great gift because none of your friends will think to give it for Christmas. The art is usually handmade by local artist which gives it that personal touch. The downside is that it can be expensive, ranging from $30 to $40 a piece.

Lucky for you, I have an  affordable, fun, and easy way to create your own print art that your friends and family will love!

Step 1: Find a Large Dictionary

The best place to find a cheap dictionary is at an old bookstore.

When choosing a dictionary flip through and make sure that most of the pages do not have a lot white-space or pictures on them. You want words and definitions from top to bottom so that the background of your image is even. I found my dictionary for only $6 and the pages are 6.5 x 11  inches.

Step 2: Find a Frame

Next, you will need a frame that will fit the length of your dictionary page. My frame is roughly 6.5 x 10.5 inches. This can be tricky to find, but I have found many frames this size at the Dollar General for just a $1. These frames can be found other places as well but will cost a little more.

Step 3: Pick a Design

Now it’s time for my favorite part- finding an image! I have a friend who is obsessed with owls and vintage. I googled owls that would best reflect her personality and came up with this!

Step 4: Print your own Art Piece

Open up Microsoft Word and make sure your image is centered on the page. You can also add a quote with a fancy font to make your gift even more personal for your loved one.

Once you are satisfied with your image, place your dictionary page upside down into your printer. Once printed, place the page into your frame and trim the sides as needed.

*To be safe, first  print a test page to make sure your image is placed how you want it.

Results: The coolest Christmas gift ever!

You now have the coolest gifts that you handmade yourself, and it was quick and affordable! How awesome is that? I hope your family and friends enjoy their art pieces just as much as mine did.

Shari J. Watson

Shari is a recent UTC graduate with a background in music
and writing and is currently the Marketing Assistant at the Bethlehem Center.
 She enjoys being out in nature, laughing with friends, eating Chinese food, and traveling as much as she can.

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