5 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2015

Last minute grocery runs and too many cooks in the kitchen- unfortunately, one or more of these usually accompany our “Thanksgiving” festivities. 

Sometimes being in a hot kitchen with relatives that you’re struggling to forgive is just enough to put tension in the air, and tension isn’t a good side dish for turkey and dressing. 

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about being thankful, and we want to help you and your family bring it back to just that- saying thanks. So implement these 5 practices into your Thanksgiving festivities to make sure that the focus of your day is thanks-giving.

1. Allow Christ to be present throughout Thanksgiving: while you grocery shop, cook, and prepare to receive guests

The Lord says to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), and He also says not to be anxious about anything (Phil 4:13), so pray. 

If you don’t believe in Jesus, test Him. Ask Him to have His way in your life this Thanksgiving, and ask Him to manifest Himself during your Thanksgiving celebration. 

The word says that where the Lord is, darkness cannot stand, and that Thanksgiving stress is darkness, drudgery, derision.

2. Talk about things you’re thankful for ALL DAY

Although we know that Thanksgiving is about being thankful, we don’t always practice thankfulness. 

This year, talk to yourself and others about all the things that you’re thankful for! It may open your eyes to just how fortunate you really are, and the One worthy of praise and thanks for it all.

3. Look to serve, not be served

Instead of sitting around with drink in hand, waiting for the cooks to set the food out, ask how you can help! The natural response to being thankful is serving and giving thanks. As you start to realize just how blessed you are, channel that joy into helping the people around you in any way you can, and watch your joy be more full.

4. Take the opportunity to ask each person present to name one thing they are thankful for that they expected, and one thing that they’re thankful for that they didn’t expect

When you sit down to eat, ask each person to name at least one thing they’re thankful for, this year. If you really want to experience thankfulness, ask each person to name five!

5. Purchase your groceries two days before Thanksgiving and prep all your dishes the day before, so that you have time to run out if somethings missing

Following this step keeps you from nagging yourself and others about picking up ingredients before the store closes, and it also means you could be spending the last 24+ hours before Thanksgiving comfortably prepping in your house, as opposed to running around and dodging traffic.

6. Ask for help

You can’t do it alone. Ask a few loved ones to show up early to prep or clean, and enlist people to set the table.

If everyone at your Thanksgiving celebration practices the first five steps, they’ll be more likely to help you so that you have time to reflect on your blessings, and enjoy yourself.

Remember, Thanksgiving meal is best served thankful, so share this list with your loved ones and let us know how your Thanksgiving goes!

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