4 Steps to a Hassle-Free Life

September 23rd, 2015

Let’s face it- life is tough! Anyone that has ever takencare of a family, worked, or lived knows this. There seems to be no end to theamount of responsibility we face and conflict is unavoidable. God has an answerfor an easier life and we have broken it down into 4 easy steps that you can follow,with His help (based on Matthew 6:25). Checkit out!

1. Stop Worrying About Your Life

God’s word is clear. You don’t need to worry about what you’re going to eat or drink during a given day, and He gives a prolific example. 

Have you ever seen a bird plant it’s food, or harvest and prepare it, or store it up in its nest? No- yet birds always eat. God promised,however, that we are more valuable than the birds, and because He sustainstheir lives, He will sustain ours.

2. Stop Worrying About Your Body

Yes, clothing matters. We wear them as covering, a visual representation of our personalities, and for more reasons. 

God promises that He will give us clothing. If He dresses the flowersso beautifully, how much more will He willingly clothe you in beauty, and evenbetter- RIGHTEOUSNESS!

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