5 Practical Ways to Physical & Emotional Health on a Low Income

July 29th, 2015

By now, most of us have figured out that money doesn’t grow on trees and that we aren’t genetically modified super-human beings. 

We can’t fix a boo-boo by staring at it with our laser vision until the cuts in our skin literally sear together, and we can’t buy nearly as much in an organic grocery store as we can in our local Walmart. 

Our health is important, but taking care of ourselves can be really expensive or seem down-right impossible if you live on a limited or fixed income. We’ve experienced this, and the following are 5 tips you can adopt to start living healthier, more cheaply. (And we know they work because we use them in our youth programs!)

1) Opt For Healthier Eats

Whether you’re a snacker or you eat full meals, substituting muchies like chips for celery or nuts is affordable and still tasty! If those two things are too bland for your taste buds, you can start with things like butter-free popcorn. When you get that under your belt, introduce a fresh veggie to each meal!

2) Join a Sports Team or Class

Find a healthy alternative to a pricey gym membership like a church or recreation center that organizes sports leagues! If these opportunities aren’t free, they’re usually really cheap! 

If you can’t find the sport you’re looking for, organize your own with a group of friends and find a public space you can use.

3) Become a Stronger Reader

This one may seem a little far-fetched at first, but it’s not! Reading is linked to lower stress levels and so much more. According to a study from Weight Watchers reported by Reader’s digest, the average novel costs between $8-13. That’s  a cheap way to stay in shape, especially if you find free books through a book drive in your city!

4) Doctor Your Emotions

With affordable options like nonprofit clinics and graduate universities that offer income-based counseling through graduate students, it’s becoming more affordable to address your emotional health concerns!

5) Pray!

Jesus Christ is the Ultimate. He died for our sins so that we don’t have to. He bought us total security by His blood and that peace transcends into this life. Through Jesus, God is our Father and He gives us ultimate strength for each day, if we will accept Him. Want to know what that looks like? Visit Cru to learn about a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do you stay healthy without breaking the bank? Comment below, then click "read more" to learn about how The Bethlehem Center uses these practices to empower the kids in our youth programs!

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