The Bethlehem Center

July 15th, 2015

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

A Phenomenal Place

The Bethlehem Center is a phenomenal place because of the inspirational children that grow up here.

They are intelligent, motivated, talented, and warm. They work hard, and always have a smile on their face. They show us adults how we should live our lives. 

With Phenomenal Students

Take Kamari for example. Kamari has participated in the Bethlehem Center's "Read to Lead" Summer Academy for two years now. When you look at him, you might never know that the young man who contributes to the Beth community by using his gifts in to sing in the Beth student choir and perform in plays almost didn't come his first year because he was so nervous that he wouldn't be able to make any friends.

Destinie is another great example. She is a student at Calvin Donaldson, and she attends the Bethlehem Center’s “Read to Lead” summer and after-school academies throughout the year. She sets the example in healthy eating- choosing watermelon for breakfast over Cinnamon Toast Crunch. She makes request to our music director Rodney because she wants to enjoy her favorite songs with the other campers during the Center’s Summer Academy. She has already memorized some awesome verses, and she values being obedient.

Destinie and Kamari represent 116 other students attending the Beth’s 2015 “Read to Lead” Summer Academy, and they represent the values we have been charged to instill in the leaders of tomorrow.

We all want our children to be strong readers, kind, honorable, responsible…fill in the blank. And as hard as we work, they never seem to be that way 24/7. That’s why the Bethlehem Center exists. That old saying that says, “it takes a village to raise up a child" is true, and the Bethlehem Center wants to be part of that village for the youth and families in Alton Park, Chattanooga. 

Working to Equip a Phenomenal Community

We want to help community members reach their full potential by exposing them to reading education, math, faith, and various programs that help them discover their gifts. We also want to walk alongside them while they figure out how to use those gifts to make the world a better place. 

We want to teach the community how to be good leaders who will carry out their vision to make this world a better place. We want to empower them economically so that Alton Park can be a self-sufficient community, and residents can have access to everything they need to grow and thrive, right here in Alton Park. 

Get Involved!

Call David Meredith today at (423) 266-1384 x. 4 to talk about how we can use your gifts to raise up tomorrow’s leaders, and also to visit the children you serve.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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