Student Spotlight

June 10th, 2015

Kardae Jackson

"[Alton Park] it's home." -KD

Kardae, or KD as we call him, is a third-year summer intern for The Bethlehem Center’s Read to Lead Summer Academy. 

This year, KD is interning in the gym with Brian Allen, our Youth & Family Development Director. 

KD loves his job. “I get to train these kids on how to work as a team to show them that they can do it and not give up,” KD said. 

In his spare time, KD enjoys making music, dancing, and just having fun. 

He loves Chattanooga because of all his family and friends here, but he wouldn’t mind travelling to gain new experiences. 

In the fall, KD will be a freshman at Tusculum College, where he might study criminal justice. 

Your support made it financially possible for KD to spend his time mentoring children for the summer at the Bethlehem Center. Healthy citizens giving back to the community is what it will take to bring hope and empowerment to inner-city Chattanooga. Thanks for making it possible to provide more than 10 foot-soldiers for 120 at-risk youth who are spending their summer at the Bethlehem Center. 

Thank you for your support. 

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