Morning Manna

October 26th, 2018

      Morning Manna is one of my favorite ways that the Bethlehem Center serves South Chattanooga children and families. The purpose of the program is to provide a safe haven where middle and high school students can wait for the bus in the morning. The program is especially unique because it allows us to take advantage of a time that most students are unsupervised or don’t have anything constructive to do. We open the gym every morning, play sports and card games with kids, do a brief devotional, and enjoy snacks with them on Fridays!

The program officially started in 2016 after a shooting happened one morning at the bus stop. We’d never imagined that anything like this could have happened but once it did, we knew that it was our responsibility to act. So, we started opening up the gym to students. We were able to get grants from CHI Memorial the first two years to help us fund two staff members, sports balls, and snacks for the program.

Since starting in 2016, Morning Manna has served more than 77 students and at least 25 of those have been high schoolers. All of them have had the opportunity to be exposed to the gospel and have been mentored by our staff who genuinely care about their well being. We have seen students go on to work at the Bethlehem Center and the Chattanooga Zoo. Some have grown in their self-control and others have learned to open up more to others.

Are you ready to be a part of a program that brings light and fun to the morning times? Great! We need $4,500 to provide students in our area with a warm, fun, and safe place to wait for the bus for the entire school year. Will you help us provide this safe haven?

Go to, or give cash or check to the Bethlehem Center 200 W 38th St.

Any amount helps!

 Gloria Dubose

Gloria is the Community Outreach Director at the Bethlehem Center. She started at the Beth as an unpaid intern and she's been here ever since! She's a proud Moc (UTC alumni) and is passionate about learning everything Latin (including Spanish).
To connect with Gloria email [email protected]

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A Community That Gives Back

September 25th, 2018

A Community That Gives Back

I’m Gloria Dubose, Director of Community Outreach for the Bethlehem Center. I love my job because of the community we serve! My goal is to empower the adults in our community to give back to the Beth, their families, South Chattanooga, and beyond.  I have seen the residents start to give more and more.

One example is Ms. Pat. She started coming to Bingo at the Beth about a year ago. During that time, she connected us to a man named Barney May, who now offers culinary and food-based classes at the Bethlehem Center once a month. She also started taking care of our garden beds through Mr. May’s program. Before Ms. Pat, we had a hard time keeping a garden because none of the Beth staff had a green thumb. Now that Ms. Pat is here, our garden is growing! She’s pulled in other community members to help take care of it, and the produce is slowly being shared throughout the community.

Two other ladies who I’ve watched give back are Ms. Lillie and Ms. Donna. Ms. Lillie helps make sure that participants fill out sign-in sheets before each meeting, and Ms. Donna gives me suggestions for services and topics that could benefit the seniors in our community. These are just a few examples. All of the women that come to community connection are dedicated and make the program what it is.

The Beth’s mission is to empower children and families to lead responsible lives by providing discipleship, education, and leadership development. Through my work with the Community Connection initiatives, I have seen first hand what happens when residents are empowered. They give back and they make our load lighter at the Beth. They come up with great ideas that serve the larger community, and quite frankly, they bring us joy when they walk in the building.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the community. I pray that Community Connection will inspire others to walk through our doors, hope, grow, and be empowered to give back to even more residents.

Gloria Dubose

Gloria is the Community Outreach Director at the Bethlehem Center. She started at the Beth as an unpaid intern and she's been here ever since! She's a proud Moc (UTC alumni) and is passionate about learning everything Latin (including Spanish).
To connect with Gloria email [email protected]

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The Heart of an Executive

August 28th, 2018

The Heart of an Executive

Reginald Smith II has dedicated his life to the well-being of his community. With a background in education and public administration, he has served as Executive Director for the Bethlehem Center for the past three years. Reggie not only performs his executive leadership tasks but he goes above and beyond to fill in where ever he is needed. Whether it’s cleaning bathrooms, replacing light bulbs, or organizing closets, he never hesitates to help. He also takes the time to build relationships with the youth in our programs by taking them to educational events, helping them find jobs, and providing a listening ear. His role at the Beth is one he takes seriously, and he gives his all. 

During his first year as Director, Reggie started the Bethlehem Leadership Unit. BLU is a program for Howard High School students which gives them a platform to share their ideas and solutions for community issues such as poverty, gang violence, and abuse. Reggie believes a program like BLU is essential because society tends to focus on academics and not enough on character development and leadership training. BLU uses a curriculum that includes community service activities, cultural enrichment, and social justice discussions. He states that “education is a prerequisite to success, but character and leadership development are just as necessary.” 

When Reggie is not at the Beth he is serving the community on the Board of Directors for Cempa Community Care. He is also chairman of the Social Action Committee of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. His fraternity brothers volunteer at events around the city such as Shoes for Kids and the Beth’s Nehemiah Project in partnership with Backpack Chattanooga. The Nehemiah Project provided over 6,500 backpacks full of school supplies for Title 1 schools in Hamilton County. At least 90% of these students live in poverty. Reggie considers it an honor to be a part of projects that are actively working to make a positive impact in our city.

Reggie’s focus at the Bethlehem Center is to strengthen current programs so the agency will remain relevant in the community. As South Chattanooga changes, he wants the Beth to continue being a safe haven and a valuable resource for all who enter.  Reggie’s mindset is to “help somebody be greater than what they thought they could be.” His heart for serving others will be his lasting legacy.

Shari J. Watson

Shari is a UTC graduate with a background in music and writing. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator at the Bethlehem Center. She enjoys being out in nature, laughing with friends, eating Chinese food, and traveling as much as she can.

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