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November 25, 1:20 PM ET
So blessed to have spent last night with the residents of Alton Park, our board of directors, and all of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's fraternity and sorority members. Everyone was encouraging and kind, and the food was delicious.
November 21, 4:09 PM ET
The Beth fighting for Epilepsy!!
November 21, 2:11 PM ET
Showing Sydney the Reggie White "Huddle" Room at the Bethlehem Center. Honor to the Chattanooga native....
November 20, 5:20 PM ET
Our story begins with Calvin, a youth at The Bethlehem Center. Click the blog post below and read Calvin's story. #InvestmentYieldsReturn #CHAgives
November 20, 10:30 AM ET
Meet the men and women of the Chattanooga Police Special Operations. They give to you and I every day. Here are some of the reasons they give. #unselfie #CHAgives #GivingTuesday #InvestmentYieldsReturn
November 20, 9:36 AM ET
Meet Greg Pearson, he's the president of Williams Web, a web design company in Chattanooga that has helped countless nonprofits and businesses make their websites better for YOU. He is a long-time supporter of the Beth who gives both his time and gifts. We want to know why YOU give! Take an unselfie and post it on Facebook using the hashtag #CHAgives #GivingTuesday #InvestmentYieldsReturn Thanks friends!
November 20, 8:32 AM ET
11 days, 8 hours, and 13 minutes until Giving Tuesday. Watch the video below and learn about how you make a big investment into the lives of youth and children in South Chattanooga on Dec. 1. #GivingTuesday #CHAgives #InvestmentYieldsReturn
November 16, 1:31 PM ET
In 2014, statistics show that 89% of our children and youth were reading at or above grade level. What would YOU give to see that number reach 100% in 2016? #CHAgives #GivingTuesday #InvestmentYieldsReturn
November 13, 1:15 PM ET
We are reminded daily of the significance of every life. We are sad to hear that one of our former students passed. Please keep his family in your prayers. Thank you, The Bethlehem Center "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." -Psalm 150:6
November 11, 4:09 PM ET
Happy Veteran's Day from the Bethlehem Center and thank you for your service!
November 5, 8:53 AM ET
What would you give to teach a child how to read? It doesn't take much. Join the newest BIG Challenge in the city of Chattanooga: #GivingTuesday #CHAgives
November 4, 1:42 PM ET
Join the newest BIG Challenge! Don't miss out..... - See more at:
November 3, 10:49 AM ET
So pumped about the butterfly mural our kids helped put together, along with the help of AIM Center, Inc.. Please like and share this status to help us thank Mark Making for getting this together for the community of South Chattanooga!
November 2, 9:10 AM ET
Good Monday morning! No matter what happened this weekend, or what is before you this week, know that the Lord is your shepherd. He who gladly gave His Son, Jesus Christ to give you life sees all your needs and longs to fulfill them according to His riches in Jesus Christ. Do not be anxious this morning, but call on the Lord to deliver you, and know that He holds onto you.
October 31, 7:15 PM ET
Why do we do Hallelujah Night? To invite parents and children to spend the evening together in a fun and safe way. It is so exciting to see that these parents went all out and chose to spend this time with their kids. #HallelujahNight Bethlehem Community Center
October 31, 6:50 PM ET
Hallelujah Night 2015 is in full effect at The Bethlehem Community Center, and we're going to have a dance, musical performances, and more starting at 7:00 p.m. Make sure you get here with a few minutes to spare! #HalleluhahNight
October 31, 6:46 PM ET
Still looking for something to do this evening? Bring your family to Hallelujah Night at Bethlehem Community Center tonight! Enjoy free food, games, music, speakers, candy, and more. Blessings! The Beth Center P.S. Festivities end at 8:00 p.m.
October 31, 6:46 PM ET
Our Board of Directors and volunteers are having a fun night. They look just as excited to be here as the kids! #HallelujahNight Bethlehem Community Center
October 31, 6:36 PM ET
"Who ya gonna call?" #HallelujahNight Bethlehem Community Center
October 31, 6:20 PM ET
We also have enough little goblins and monsters to scare you silly. Come on by! #HallelujahNight @TheBeth
October 31, 5:47 PM ET
Oh yeah, and did we mention that we're having a costume contest at 200 W 38 St.? Come on by in your coolest attire! (No Scary costumes in the contest). #HallelujahNight @TheBeth
October 31, 5:31 PM ET
Starting Hallelujah Night 2015 off right with Angel & Jose from Red Bank United Methodist. They're manning the tattoo booth at our Jesus celebration! Bring your kids to The Beth from 5:30-8:00 p.m. And enjoy free food, games, candy, and speakers! #HallelujahNight #TheBeth
October 26, 3:40 PM ET
The Lord has been faithful to remind us to wait on Him, here at The Bethlehem Center. He also consistently reminds us that He is our provider. Check out some pictures of an awesome day full of awesome testimonies and encouraging words. We are always blessed by everyone who stops by. If you would like to visit The Beth and learn more about how we serve our Alton Park neighbors, or about how you can serve Christ here with us, message us, comment below, or call us at (423) 266-1384 x.6. Blessings in Christ!
October 26, 2:41 PM ET
Love that kids all over the city of Chattanooga are learning in fun ways. #ReadToLead
October 23, 12:11 PM ET
Happy Friday! Come to the Move and Groove Block Party this Saturday! Spend time with leaders from so many awesome organizations throughout the city of Chattanooga. Please click the event for more details. Have a good weekend!
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