The Read to Lead Academy

Teaching students to value themselves and take their education seriously.

Smarter Students
Creative Minds
Discipleship in Christ

The "Read to Lead" After School Academy is an eight month after-school program offered to 1st- 8th grade children in and around South Chattanooga Monday through Thursday from September to May.

 The Academy is an extension of the classroom- equipping children with reading comprehension, math, music, drama, and discipleship in Jesus Christ.


To live our Proverbs 22:6, which says, "Train a child up in the way he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it."

We recognize that low-income students often have  greater academic deficiencies, that are no fault of their own.

We teach students to value themselves and take their education seriously. 


We Teach Students to Value Themselves and Take Their Education Seriously

Our initiative for quality education requires each Bethlehem Center student to be at or above grade level in both reading and mathematics skills. 

According to national research, students with quality education and high levels of literacy have much better odds at surviving and excelling in inner-city communities. 

Education and literacy reduce crime, incarceration, and gang involvement. 


Our Method

At the beginning of our programs, each student is given a test in reading and math to assess current learning levels.

Individualized Education Plan: Based on the results of the tests, the program director and HCDE certified teachers responsible for implementing the program create an individualized plan for each child,setting goals as well as a plan for achieving them by the end of the program.

Lexia Reading: To help students remain on track in reading, we use the Lexia Learning program. Lexia is an internet-based reading program that assesses skills, teaches students through engaging and interactive games, determines lesson plans for teachers according to student weakness, provides daily practice for indicated areas of need, and measures each student’s time on tasks. All of our students access their personalized reading program every day and we track each student’s individual literacy levels weekly throughout the school year.

FASTT Math: Similarly, we use FASTT Math to help our students stay on target in math.

Enrichment Activities: Although the primary focus of the program is on academic supports, we also provide enrichment activities aimed at developing healthy, creative minds and bodies. These activities, such as recreation, photography classes, arts and crafts, ballet, music, life-skills training, gardening, cooking, and field trips serve many purposes both inside and outside the classroom, from helping students see things from new perspectives to community engagement.

Parental Workshops: We understand that we the involvement of parents in the lives of our students is critical to our success. In 2015, we will develop a series of workshops to actively engage parents and guardians in ensuring the youth in our programs have every opportunity to excel.Workshops will focus on issues such as parenting, nutrition, reading, financial health & budgeting,and conflict resolution.

The goal is to ensure that all youth receive a quality education and graduate high school college and career ready."

The Bethlehem Center

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