About the Bethlehem Center

The United Methodist Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (DBA, The Bethlehem Center) is a 94-year old tax-exempt nonprofit organization serving the children and families in and around inner-city Alton Park and South Chattanooga through faith, education, character, and leadership development.

The Facts About the Community

  • 69% - The percentage of the families living at/below the poverty level
  • 30% - The percentage of households led by single mothers
  • 8%   - The percentage of the population enrolled in undergraduate colleges


Our focus remains on equipping youth and families with the tools needed to become better citizens who will lead stable and productive lives through faith, education, character and leadership.



because christ alone gives strength through the battle with cyclical poverty

Psalm 68:4-5 says, "Lift up a song for Him who rides through the deserts, whose name is the Lord, and exult before Him. A Father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows."

Following God's word has lead us create programs that not only give the residents of Alton Park and South Chattanooga access to hope and sustained change in this life, but also eternal life. 

As the community is empowered with the gospel, they become equipped to fight every stronghold of cyclical poverty.



Because Knowledge is power

The Beth's education programs seek to cause dramatic, positive changes in the lives of children trapped in situations of poverty, illiteracy, violence, substance abuse, and hopelessness that are no fault of their own.

Through our annual summer and after-school programs, 85-120 students use scientifically-based, peer-reviewed, proven tools to enhance their academic skills (the Lexia Reading Program and FASTT Math).

Both programs offer customized learning experiences based on individual needs and students also receive individual assistance from certified teachers, as well as enrichment activities.



Because Character builds leaders

Through teaching values like integrity and stewardship to youth, we hope to reduce the chances of students being involved with gangs, drugs and other criminal activities and to promote academic achievement and healthy families.


Because Leaders are important to our future and we have the responsibility to train up the next generation

The primary goal of The Beth's leadership track is to create strong community leaders who take responsibility for their families, neighborhoods, cities, and world.