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The Bethlehem ReSource Center is an upscale resale shop that sells: clothes, furniture, appliances, sports equipment, household items, shoes, eBay sales, holds auctions, etc.

The ReSource Center helps subsidizes the programs & ministries at the Bethlehem Center.

 Open Wednesday through Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM

Get Involved!

Volunteer to hang and sort clothes, use your truck to pick up donations, tell your neighbors and friends to donate their items too! We need them right away!

Donate last year’s clothes, your old smart phone, the furniture that doesn’t fit in your new home and the dishes that don’t match the color of your new kitchen.

Consign those items you need to sell! Make more space and cash by letting the Bethlehem ReSource Center sell your stuff! No need to have strangers in your home. We accept most anything worth $50 dollars or more. We can sell it in house or on eBay. Visit us on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Bethlehem-Center-Thrift-Store 

“Shopping with a purpose!”

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