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V-TEAM Leadership


"A VOICE with VISION and VICTORY for the Game of Life."

To empower urban teenagers to make responsible decisions through character deveoplment, education/literacy and leadership development...


The Bethlehem Leadership Academy is an annual program during the summer and follow-up monthly meetings to track the program of the community project assignments of each participant throughout their school year.

This program includes students, teachers, counselors and administrators that will participate in highly motivational tours to high schools, colleges, businesses as well as mission trips to see how others are changing their communities.

Members of the Victory Youth Advisory Council will serve as special ambassadors of the Foundation.

This program seeks to identify students who will make a significant contribution to their community. As a part of it's commitment to education and youth, the Bethlehem Leadership Foundation will provide scholarship awards to High School and College students who participate in its signature programs.

oice with Vision and Victory for the Game of Life Foundation for Urban Neighborhood Development

Mini-Grants given to ministries, churches, organizations and businesses that are Transforming and Kingdom focused on urban needs.

For more information call
Lurone "Coach" Jennings, Sr.
423-266-1384 Ext. 14

Lurone "Coach" Jennings Sr. with Kids


"Coach" Jennings with Governor Phil Bredesen and Kids

Overview:  The Bethlehem Leadership Foundation is a faith-based leadership development program focused on the following key issues: Character Development, Literacy/Education, Family Leadership, Community Building, Government, College or Career preparation and Economic Development/Wealth Building.

Selection Process: The Bethlehem Leadership Foundation will identify students in targeted schools who are willing to go through our rigorous process to become an impact player for positive change in our urban communities. School personnel will help select potential leaders for the Academy.

The Purpose: The purpose of the Academy is to train youth to meet the challenges in their communities with a spiritual, education and economics approach. The Academy enables young people who aspire to learn skills common to effective leaders. Leadership participants will learn to assess their strengths and weaknesses, review models of leadership. Develop strategic plans, collect and analyze data, set goals, communicate effectively to build networks, examine legislation and policy, and then apply these skills to create successful lives for themselves and/or impact community change.


  • To develop responsible youth leaders with vision and Christian Character

  • To provide learning experiences beyond their normal environment.

  • To give hope and teach appreciation for life, family, community and country.

  • To create youth entrepreneurs in urban communities to break poverty cycle.

Students at After School Graduation







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