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Volunteer Opportunities

After School Programs

Academic Tutors:  Touch the life of an inner-city child through helping with homework, reading books together, and playing educational games.  You will work in a room that is staffed and supervised by a Head Academic Coach.  The program runs Monday - Thursday with the following academic times:  3:15 - 4:00, 4:00 - 4:45, 4:45 - 5:50.  Tutors are needed at all time periods and may come one to four times per week.  We are looking for caring people who can make a consistent weekly commitment.

Student Volunteers teach After School Programs


Enrichment Leaders:  Come share a special talent or skill with a group of 4-8 students, one hour a week for four weeks.  This is a great way to become involved in the lives of our students and help open their world to new possibilities.  Suggested ideas include (but are not limited to): specific sports skills, special exercise class, woodworking, Lego building, graphic design, pottery, hiking, poetry reading, cartoon drawing, karate, step dance, knitting, etc.  Ask a friend to help you and double the pleasure.  Times include:  Monday - Thursdays, 4:00 or 5:00 PM.

Homework Coaches: Volunteer to support the children afterschool with your encouragement and time. Coaches are needed Mondays through Thursdays to speak positive words to the children and push them to be their very best. You do not need to have special academic knowledge or teaching experience to be a coach, you simply need to care for the children and help guide them to set acheive their goals.

Van Monitor:  We need one van monitor per day for our after school program.  The van monitor keeps attendance and keeps the children in line as they ride the van to our after school program.  Hours are:  Monday - Thursday, 2:30 - 4:30 PM.

Substitute Van Drivers:  We are looking for a group of van drivers that would be willing to fill in for normal van driver.  You would have to pass a background check and be willing to attend a training session.

Chaperone Field Trips:  Responsible adults who want to be positive influences on the children at The Beth and can exhibit the Love of Christ are invited to join us on field trips as chaperones. Consider being a part of the lives of inner-city children who need positive role models, if you cannot commit to a weekly or daily commitment, serving the community as a chaperone is a perfect opportunity for you to make a difference.

UTC Basketball Players teach skills to Summer Participants


Fundraising Team:  We need a team of skilled individuals who will help us to raise funds to sustain the life-changing programs offered at The Beth. As a faith-based 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization we do not engage in income earning activities; we are inner-city missionaries who must solicit support from our community to survive. The Beth needs people who can write grants, or organize fundraisers that will further our mission and vision of love. Please contact us if you know of available funds or would like to join a positive team “with VOICE with VISION and with VICTORY for the game of life."

Serving on The Board of Directors:  The new year is approaching rapidly. The Beth needs Board Members for the 2009 year. We are looking for Community leaders that are interested in The Beth's program areas and willing to devote their skills and abilities to The Beth as Board Members.

Maintenance & Repairs Team:  Able bodied people are all encouraged to give their time on a regular basis or as one time commitment to improve The Beth's building and facilities. We know that The Beth is home to many of the children that come here and we always want to make sure that they have a clean, well-maintained home. We feel that The Bath is the Shining Star of our community. In many instances The Beth is where people discover the love of Christ and so it is of the utmost importance that we portray His character not only in our actions, but also in our appearance. If you are not comfortable volunteering in any other area, please be part of teh Maintenance and Repairs Team.

Coach Athletic Teams:  Our basketball teams need coaches. This is a fun and fantastic way to give guidance and support to the children and adults who come to The Beth. Come by and meet some of the community and make new friends in a safe, healthy, and structured environment.


Speakers Bureau- The Friends of The Beth:  As a Friend of The Beth you agree to be a speaker and tell people about what we do at The Beth. You will be trained by the V-TEAM to speak on behalf of The Beth at community events and occasions when staff are unavailable.


Be A Mentor in the MVP Program:  MVP Mentors are extremely important people in the lives of the children at The Beth. Each MVP Mentor is matched with a student in the academy to be a life coach and help that student as they make difficult academic decisions and overcome everyday life challenges.


Become A V-TEAM Leadership Coach:  We will train you to be a member of the V-TEAM leadership team. V-TEAM leaders teach the V-TEAM curriculum in schools, churches, and community settings.

Computer Data Entry:  Help us catalogue our library books.  Special library software has been purchased and most information can be downloaded from the Library of Congress.  A training video is available and you can set your own hours.

Count Campbell Soup Labels:  This is a great opportunity for those who want to help from their homes.  We need people to count, bag, and label boxes of Campbell Soup Labels that have been collected for the past few years.


Ready to volunteer? Call Kim Jonas, at 423-266-1384 x. 6 or email her at kjonas@thebeth.org.

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