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The Real Meaning of Easter

     On Saturday, April 15,2017, The Bethlehem Center had their first, annual Easter Egg Hunt for the Alton Park Community called “The Thrill of the Hunt”! It was sponsored by The Bethlehem Center, Red Bank United Methodist Church, and the Stonewall Youth Group from RBUMC.

       The event focused on having fun and sharing the real Easter story. There was something for everyone;story tellers, spoken-word poets, a petting zoo, pony rides and, of course, 3 different Easter egg hunts!

    In a post-event conference call our committee evaluated if we met our primary goal of communicating the true meaning of Easter. When it was my turn to give input, I shared that I had witnessed a family with 3 young children arrived late for the event. By the time they got there, the Easter egg hunts were over and there were no more eggs or candy to give out. When the kids heard this, you could immediately see the disappointment on their faces. At that moment, a young boy walked up with a huge bag full of eggs he had collected and quietly said, “You can have my eggs!” The surprised kid’s eyes brightened and said “really?” The young boy answered “sure” as he handed his entire bag over to them!

     I believe we met our goal because I saw the real meaning of Easter demonstrated by this young boy when he sacrificed all that he had to someone he didn’t know. That’s what Easter is all about…the Ultimate Sacrifice. It was a good day! 

 -  Mike Mitchell, Bethlehem Center Board Member          

Mr. Mike Mitchell 

Mr. Mike is a part of the Bethlehem Center Board and has served the longest term as a member. Over the years, he has shown his passion for Alton Park through door to door ministering, working in the community garden, and helping organize work projects for our volunteers. 

The Beth is grateful for Mr. Mike's kind heart and the amount of time and resources he has selflessly given to our community.

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4 Scenarios that You Should Say "No" to at Work

There’s something scary about the word, “No”. For example, take the time your boss asked you to do a task that is part of someone else’s job description because, as he put it, “I trust you to get it done.” Or the time your co-worker asked you to help them with an assignment on a really short deadline, while you had several other tasks to accomplish before your own deadline. In both of those situations, a polite “no” may have seemed impossible, but it is actually healthy and necessary to say no sometimes. So, here are 4 Scenarios that You Should Say No to at Work.

1. Assignments that Interfere with Your ability to Fulfill your Job Requirements

Your number one priority at work is to fulfill your job requirements, as outlined by your contract or job description. When you say yes to too many other tasks, you’re likely taking time away from work that you’re obligated to accomplish.Learn to say “not now” or “no” to these kind of tasks until you have accomplished what you need to get done.

2. Consistently being asked to help a co-worker with the same thing

Sometimes, people become so accustomed to coming to you for a particular problem that they stop trying to solve it on their own. When you say no to this task, you give them the opportunity to grow by coming up with a solution on their own.

3. You don't have enough time to work in your "sweet spot"

Your Sweet Spot is the part of your job that you enjoy doing. Saying “no” to other tasks allows you to spend time doing the assignments that caused you to fall in love (or at least like) with your job in the first place.

4. Your schedule is stretched thin and/or you are burned out

This one’s self-explanatory and you know when you’re there.


Knowing when to say no at work is important because it allows you to set priorities that will benefit the company and it also helps you better manage your time. This is especially crucial if you’re in a management position. I’m sure you’ve run into situations that are not on this list that have required a “no”. What are they? Comment below with a time you should have or did say no.

Gloria Dubose

Gloria is now the Projects & Marketing Manager at The Bethlehem Center. 
She started at the Beth as an unpaid intern and she's been here ever since doing everything from administration to event planning and social media.
She's a proud Moc (UTC alumni) passionate about learning everything Latin (including Spanish).
To connect with Gloria email [email protected]

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A Word From Our Education Coordinator

I have witnessed some incredible stories at the Bethlehem Center.

One story dear to my heart is about a student named Terrica.Terrica is enrolled in our Read to Lead Academy, because her foster mother believes that the Beth is a safe and enriching environment for Terrica to grow in.Right now Terrica’s mother is struggling to recover from addiction and homelessness which keeps her from providing Terrica with a stable home.A few months ago, Terrica started to act out because of her frustration over the custody battle with her mom.

"I don’t want Terrica to feel like it’s her behavior that is keeping her from going home."

Her foster mom asked me to write a statement about Terrica’s attitude towards the uncertainty of her life.I was pleased that Terrica’s foster mom thought so much about me and my relationship with Terrica.I don’t want Terrica to feel like it’s her behavior that is keeping her from going home. I want her to feel grounded and for the uncertainty in her world to be removed.

"We become a part of their village and provide a safe-haven..."

I share this piece of Terrica’s story because it is an example of the role we play in the lives of so many families here at the Bethlehem center.We build relationships with children and their parents through programs like the Read to Lead Academy and the Bethlehem Leadership Unit. We become a part of their village and provide a safe-haven where they can be nurtured, encouraged, and loved.

Ms. Rachel DeVore

Ms. Rachel is the Education Coordinator at the Bethlehem Center. She has a rich background in non-profit work and teaching. Her passion for our students is expressed through the awesome curriculum she creates for our Read to Lead Academy.

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