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Today, 12:23 PM ET
Good afternoon everyone! We just wanted to tell you about a chapel in St. Elmo, they're having teaching and worship this evening at 7:00 p.m., and you are invited to come along. -The Beth
Today, 11:45 AM ET
Hello again! We just wanted to share some amazing news with you, and ask for your prayer. This evening, we have a group coming in from Sneedville, TN. for a "Who Is My Neighbor" celebration. They're going to spend time at a lock-in with some children in Alton Park, and learn about how to conquer their battles through Christ. On Saturday, they will spend time with, and give food to the homeless, and also give gifts to the kids at the Chambliss Center for Children. Please pray with us that the Lord's will be done in each of these children's lives. Pray that He will call each one by name, and that their differences will unify, not separate them, in Jesus' holy and precious name- amen!
Today, 9:56 AM ET
Happy Friday everyone! There is nothing that makes our days more joyous realizing that Jesus carried our burdens and freed us to have a relationship with our Creator. We pray the Holy Spirit will give you that revelation deep in your soul this morning, in Jesus' name. -Your family in Christ
March 25, 4:36 PM ET
Happy Wednesday everyone! Shout-out to all the The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga volunteers helping with the After-School Academy today. Omega Phi Alpha were among the students here! The students are doing everything from helping kids do math and read, to playing games with them. Some are even getting their hair done :) Enjoy these pictures of your classmates and community members! Call Brian Allen to volunteer with these awesome kids at 423-266-1384 x.5, or email him at ballen@thebeth.org. #HelpingOthers #PricelessGift May the Lord bless you, The Beth Center Staff
March 23, 11:12 AM ET
Good morning everyone! We just wanted to update you on the impact of your support for the Breakfast of Champions on March 17. So far, we have raised $49,000 of our $50,000 goal to fund this year's summer academy, that will empower 120 inner-city youth through faith, education, character, and leadership. To help us make the last $1,000, donate now at: https://www.thebeth.org/www/donate Stay tuned and we'll let you know when we've met to goal. The Beth Center Staff & Board
March 18, 2:17 PM ET
Happy Wednesday everyone! Our bi-monthly blog post is out! Click below to read it, and leave a comment! http://www.thebeth.org/www/blog God bless you! The Beth
March 17, 11:26 AM ET
Good morning everyone! We'd like to thank everyone who prayed over the Breakfast of Champions, attended it, donated, and just supported us! The Lord has already answered so many prayers, and met so many needs. The Breakfast went smoothly, ended on time, and everyone was so generous. Our goal was $50,000 to fund the Summer Academy. Stay tuned to see how much we received. May our faithful Lord bless and keep you, Everyone at The Beth
March 16, 10:18 AM ET
Good morning everyone, How was your weekend?? We're going to be on WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News this morning at 11:00 a.m.! If you would like to learn more about the Bethlehem Center, need more details about tomorrow's Breakfast of Champions Fundraiser, or just want to support the Beth, tune in at 11! If we don't answer all your questions, call our Executive Administrator Brandi Allen at 423-266-1384 x.1. Thanks for your support! The Beth P.S. You can also RSVP for the Breakfast at: http://www.thebeth.org/www/cal/march/2015/event/79
March 13, 8:50 AM ET
Good morning everyone, :) We hope you're doing well The Breakfast is in just 4 days! We cannot wait to spend the day giving thanks for everything the Lord is doing for everyone in Alton Park and Chattanooga, and we are so excited to recognize the way he used Miriam Acree Brock, of the Brock family, to bring hope to countless lives. If you haven't already RSVPed to attend the breakfast, or you feel compelled to host a table, call us at 423-266-1384 x.1, or RSVP on our website: http://www.thebeth.org/www/cal/march/2015/event/79 We hope you join us! Your staff & board
March 6, 9:02 AM ET
Thankful to the Lord today for delivering our brothers and sisters in Alton Park. When we get tired He storms in and provides more than we even asked for. It is good to be a child of the King. Please, call on His name no matter where you are today. You don't have to clean yourself up- you can't- we can't. Blessings, Your friends at The Beth
March 4, 5:01 PM ET
Greetings! It's been an AWESOME day at the After-School Academy, today! The Well stopped by and spent quality time the kids, and brought #HealthyFood! You could tell the kids loved it because of all the chatter and laughter in the bistro. This is such a blessing for us. God is good! Thanks for your continued prayers everyone. -The Beth
March 2, 2:41 PM ET
Happy Monday everyone! The kids will be back after several #snowdays! Stay tuned for some awesome #pics by the end of this week! Sincerely, Your friends at the Beth
February 27, 12:08 PM ET
Good afternoon everyone! This is a short week for us here at the Bethlehem Center. The kids were several days because of the snow, and boy was the center slow without them. Please keep them in your prayers! Pray that the kids and their families will stay warm and full, and that the week was an awesome bonding experience for the families that come to the Bethlehem Center. May the Lord bless you & have a good weekend! The Beth Center Staff
February 24, 6:44 AM ET
Good morning everyone, The breakfast of Champions, scheduled for this morning, is being RESCHEDULED due to the weather. Please check back with us via Facebook, Twitter, or our website for the reschedule date. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Sincerely, The Beth Center
February 23, 11:30 AM ET
Good morning everyone! We just want to invite you to attend the Breakfast of Champions tomorrow, Feb. 24, at Tyner United Methodist Church from 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. Come enjoy FREE breakfast, poetry, speaking, and musical performances by Willie Kitchens, as we honor the Lord, and the Brock family in recognition of Mrs. Miriam Brock, who helped found the Bethlehem Center. Call us at 423-266-1384 x. 1 to RSVP, or just register on our website! http://www.thebeth.org/www/cal/february/2015/event/77 We hope to see you there, -the Beth Center
February 23, 11:02 AM ET
February 18, 4:45 PM ET
Good afternoon everyone! We hope you're enjoying your week! You have all expressed interest in staying connected with what God is doing in South Chattanooga, and in the Bethlehem Center. Check out this week's blog post about the Breakfast of Champions, and leave a comment! http://www.thebeth.org/www/blog May the Lord bless you, -The Beth
February 16, 1:30 PM ET
Good Monday Morning everyone! It's still not too late to RSVP to attend the Breakfast of Champions. This year, we will honor the Brock family in recognition of Miriam Acree Brock who helped found the Bethlehem Center in 1920. The Breakfast is FREE to attend, but table sponsorship is available. For more information, or to RSVP visit our website at: http://www.thebeth.org/www/cal/february/2015/event/76 You can even RSVP on Facebook, or by calling Brandi Allen at brandiallen@thebeth.org. We can't wait to see you there! -the Beth Center Staff & Board
February 16, 12:30 PM ET
Good afternoon everyone! Here's your verse of the day. May God bless you, -everyone at the Beth
February 13, 9:28 AM ET
Good morning everyone! We just wanted to share an awesome opportunity to worship at St. Elmo Crossings Chapel this evening. Hope you all can attend! The Holy Spirit works in powerful ways when we come together to corporately seek God's face and pray. May the Lord keep you! -everyone at The Beth
February 9, 10:20 AM ET
Good Monday morning everyone! We've made it through another full week. Use your gifts to honor the Lord today- He has given you life. May the Lord bless you, -everyone at the Beth
February 2, 8:57 AM ET
Good Monday morning everyone, Here's a verse for the new week: http://blog.biblia.com/2015/02/Psalm-81-6-7/?utm_source=verseoftheday&utm_medium=email&utm_content=4911587-votd_2015_02_01&utm_campaign=promo-tmt2015 May the Lord bless you as you meditate on His word!
January 30, 11:06 AM ET
Hello everyone! We have updated our website! Go to www.thebeth.org and check it out! The site will be a great place to keep up with community events, new programs, and the growth of our kids. Thanks for your support! Have a great weekend, -the Beth Center staff
January 30, 9:55 AM ET
Good Friday morning everyone! St. Elmo Crossings Chapel is having worship and teaching tonight and wants to invite you all tonight at 7:00 p.m. Dr. Steven Land will be talking about the Holy Spirit, and then they will close in worship and prayer. Hope you can make it! -the Beth Center staff
January 26, 9:31 AM ET
Good Monday morning everyone! We hope you guys are having a great new year. We have a PRAISE report! God is moving in Alton Park, and it is evident in this past weekends prayer walk! The walk was organized by pastors from churches all around Chattanooga, and community members even attended! They expressed their grief over the recent crimes in Alton Park, and the young men that wander the streets aimlessly, looking for purpose. They prayed for God to come down- not for vengeance, but for forgiveness. They prayed for more of God's children to get involved, and help carry the burden of hopelessness and poverty, crime, and gang violence, broken homes, and ignorance of God's infinite and precious love for them. By the time we finished calling on the Lord, the bleachers of the gym were filled with community members ready to help carry the burden. Thank you for praying in Jesus name. Let's keep it up! -the ENTIRE community of South Chattanooga
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