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June 29, 11:39 AM ET
Good morning, be encouraged today: No matter what battle you are facing whether it is oppression, abuse, poverty, hopelessness, death, sickness, God is able to help you stand.
June 26, 12:32 PM ET
In case you haven't stopped by the Beth to see the kids working on the new mural with Mark Making, check out the pictures of the kids working so hard!! #ReadToLead #Summer
June 26, 12:29 PM ET
Hey you, yes, You: Thanks for supporting the Read to Lead Summer Academy with prayers, donations, social media shares, and food donations. Your support is vital. This week alone, the kids got to work on a mural with Mark Making that will go on the Bethlehem Center building, learn chess, receive counseling, worship, work on reading and math comprehension, and so much more. The kids are "flexin'" because they know they're getting stronger every day. Thanks again! The Bethlehem Center
June 15, 3:48 PM ET
Greetings! Week 1 is over at the Summer Academy. Check out some of the awesome work the kids put out in photography class. Your support made it possible for these kids to spend their summer in a safe and productive learning enviorment. #ShootCamerasNotGuns Thanks for your support! The Bethlehem Center
June 5, 12:47 PM ET
2 more days until our summer "Read to Lead" Academy starts!! Stay tuned for camper updates. -The Beth Center staff
June 1, 1:48 PM ET
Greetings everyone!! It's day 1 of the V-Team orientation and the summer interns are already learning a lot. TJ Johnson from Front Porch Alliance talked to them about key issues ranging from gangs to the importance of team work. Most of our interns this summer come from Howard High School, but we have several from other schools. They have been chosen because they are already exemplifying character and leadership. Your financial support made this possible! Thank you for giving the summer interns access to intensive character and leadership training, work experience, the opportunity to be mentors, and the life-changing power of the Gospel.
May 25, 1:00 PM ET
Mmm, it's Memorial Day! How are you celebrating our troops today? Comment below to let us know! Thanks to everyone who serves our country!
May 21, 12:56 PM ET
Happy Friday Everyone! Thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy your weekend and that it is a time of rest & growth! -Your friends at the Beth
May 18, 1:49 PM ET
Greetings everyone! Today has been an AMAZING work day. We were able to spend time with two outstanding business people- the teams at Wadel Media & Williams Web. Wadel Media did the video you see on our website under, "Who We Are" and "Our Mission", and Williams Web did the website. They are ALL people of integrity who care about peoples deepest needs, and they made us laugh. Please like this status to help us thank Wadel Media and Williams Web. Thanks everyone! The Beth Center
May 15, 2:30 PM ET
Happy National Police Week Chattanooga Police Department! We just want to say a special thank-you because many of your staff have taken the time to care for the community of Alton Park, in South Chattanooga. The events you plan, the walks you take, and the relationships you're building here in Alton Park and the Bethlehem Center do NOT go unnoticed. May the Lord keep each of you. Sincerely, The Alton Park community in South Chatt
May 15, 2:11 PM ET
We are seeing this in Alton Park. The Lord is moving, and providing resources, advocates, and hope for the children and families of Alton Park, and the staff and board of the Bethlehem Center. Thank you for letting the Lord use YOU to answer the cry of the needy. Sincerely, The Beth Center community
May 14, 9:43 AM ET
Our summer program is fast approaching and we desperately need funds to support the program. The children and youth of Alton Park are counting on us! No amount is too little or too much! Donate today at:
May 13, 4:40 PM ET
It's our second to last day of the 2014-2015 After-School Academy. The children are finished with their Lexia testing and the hallway is booming with fun! Check out Sumiyah's dance moves below!
May 11, 2:45 PM ET
ANNOUNCEMENT: Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults is having a job fair at the Bethlehem Center on Saturday, May 16,2015 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Most businesses attending the fair are on the bus line. Come ready to work!
May 9, 5:11 PM ET
Finally, a special shout-out to our sponsors for their financial and volunteer support. You helped feed a multitude who were also fed in so many other ways today! Thanks Cricket Wireless, New Season Christian Ministries Chattanooga, and the staff and board of the Beth!
May 9, 5:08 PM ET
Special shout-out to all the direct service organizations that came out to inform the residents: Chattanooga CARES, Chattanooga Fire Department, Chattanooga Police Department, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, Special Transit Services, Moms Clean Air Force, YFC Chattanooga, Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults, United Way of Greater Chattanooga, Volunteer Behavioral Health, Rolling Video Games, Signal Centers, Inc., and The Speech & Hearing Center. Thank you for your service to the city and this community! May the Lord bless each of you, and the work you do.
May 9, 4:59 PM ET
We enjoyed our time at the community festival today! Thanks for everyone who came out to learn from the direct service organizations and enjoy time with their family. If at least one person heard the good news of Jesus Christ or learned about what a local organization does for the city, it was worth it.
May 8, 3:00 PM ET
Happy early mother's day!!
May 8, 12:08 PM ET
Good morning! We still need 54 more volunteers for the community festival tomorrow. Volunteer activities range from set-up and tear down to running games. Stay for your shift, then enjoy the festival! Sign up:
May 8, 10:22 AM ET
Don't forget to bring your family to The Beth Center for the Empowerment festival tomorrow from 1-4. Good food, good fun, good neighbors- see you there!
April 29, 5:36 PM ET
Answered prayer for Alton Park, South Chattanooga! Read about it on our blog, and your comment:
April 27, 2:32 PM ET
Good afternoon everyone! We hope that you had a peaceful weekend. Whether or not you did, know that the Lord is working behind the scenes for YOU, and that He planned to from the foundations of the world..just because. If it gets really rough, just call on His name. We'll be checking on these little ones in about 30 minutes!! -Your friends at The Beth Center
April 24, 12:58 PM ET
ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the inclement weather forecast, the South Chattanooga Empowerment Festival originally scheduled for May 2 is RESCHEDULED for May 9 from 1 - 4 p.m. We hope to see you May 9!
April 24, 12:46 PM ET
Worship Friday- you're invited at St. Elmo's Crossings Chapel! #GodIsGood
April 22, 4:31 PM ET
Greetings! Just wanted to introduce you to today's volunteers from Southern Adventist University- Estefania and Karine who are both speech pathology majors. They are helping the 1-3 graders in the classroom today, we hope they'll get to use some of the skills they're learning in their classes! Thanks Southern for encouraging students to get involved, and thanks for partnering with The Beth Center! Thank you ladies for taking time to visit these intelligent and gifted young girls and boys in Alton Park! #SoExcited #Experience #ChangingLives
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