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January 26, 9:31 AM ET
Good Monday morning everyone! We hope you guys are having a great new year. We have a PRAISE report! God is moving in Alton Park, and it is evident in this past weekends prayer walk! The walk was organized by pastors from churches all around Chattanooga, and community members even attended! They expressed their grief over the recent crimes in Alton Park, and the young men that wander the streets aimlessly, looking for purpose. They prayed for God to come down- not for vengeance, but for forgiveness. They prayed for more of God's children to get involved, and help carry the burden of hopelessness and poverty, crime, and gang violence, broken homes, and ignorance of God's infinite and precious love for them. By the time we finished calling on the Lord, the bleachers of the gym were filled with community members ready to help carry the burden. Thank you for praying in Jesus name. Let's keep it up! -the ENTIRE community of South Chattanooga
January 22, 10:30 AM ET
Good morning everyone! TOMORROW is the last day to RSVP early for "Rules to Raise Your Children By" on Feb. 3 & 10 at the Beth. The class is sponsored by First Things First. *FREE food will be provided.* *Parents who complete both classes will receive a FREE $50 family fun pack, and parent volunteer hours for their child's school.*
January 9, 1:36 PM ET
Happy Friday everyone! We hope everyone has had a great week back from the holidays! The kids started back on Thursday, and we need homework tutors for the after school program! Please call our volunteer coordinator Kim Jonas at 423-266-1384 x.6 to sign up, and get ready to have #fun, #grow, & experience life with some of South Chattanooga's #CoolestKids! Thank you for giving your time to the kids in Alton Park & South Chattanooga! -The Beth Center staff & kids
January 7, 9:46 AM ET
If you start saving up now, you will have the $100 you need to change your life. THIS COULD BE YOUR YEAR! New LAUNCH Classes will begin in February. Linda Murray Bullard is facilitating the class on Thursday Nights at the Bethlehem Community Center from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. One night a week for 10 weeks. Email Gina at gsoltau@launchchattanooga.org to get details and to pre-register. Time to move your business ownership dreams to your 2015 reality. Are you in? #FishingOnTheRightSide #MovingForward
January 5, 8:14 AM ET
Good Monday morning everyone! We just want to say "Welcome back!" to all everyone returning from Christmas and New Years break. Welcome back students, welcome back business leaders, welcome back hard-working teams. We hope YOU enjoyed your break and look forward to connecting with YOU in 2015! -the Beth staff & board
January 2, 12:42 PM ET
Good afternoon everyone, We hope you are having a happy new year! As you set your new years resolution, seek the Lord first. Isaiah 55:6-7 says, “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that He may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon." Seek and you shall find!
December 26, 11:02 AM ET
Good morning everyone! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas! We just wanted to take this moment to thank YOU. Your support changes lives. This year alone you helped 67% of kids read at/ above grade level during the summer program, made education more enjoyable for 100% of our kids, provided at least 3 community events that empowered parents to get involved in their children's lives, and so much more! Please continue to fight with us. Give your end-of-year gift today by visiting: www.thebeth.org/www/donate Sincerely, -the Beth Center staff
December 22, 2:45 PM ET
Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy time with your family and friends. If you know someone who doesn't have family to spend time with this Christmas, invite them to your celebration! May God bless you, -the Beth Center staff & board
December 19, 5:00 PM ET
Christmas shopping was a blast, and a huge success! Thanks to all the volunteers and board members who came shopping with the kids! Thank you CBL, EPB of Chattanooga, Chattanooga Times Free Press, for allowing your staff to participate during working hours! Thanks members of Christ UMC, Ooltewah UMC, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church PCA for spending your day loving on some of God's precious children. We might never know the impact that ALL your time and generosity has had on these kids, but the Lord does. We're so grateful for your support! Merry Christmas! -the Beth Center
December 19, 4:11 PM ET
Thanks to all the parents who came to support their children this afternoon! #InvolvedParents #TheBethCenter #WorkingForIt
December 19, 3:24 PM ET
Our hope with Christmas shopping, is that the kids would work on their math skills, meet done members if the community, and understand the true meaning, the greatest gift- Jesus, and how it frees us up to give to others no matter their background, race, or religion. And that's why we were glad to see kids buy gifts for their parents and relatives. One even donated toys to the Salvation Army!
December 19, 1:23 PM ET
They still have tons of shopping to go! Check out some of the cool toys they're picking! #TheBethCenter #BeatingTheOdds #WorkingForIt
December 19, 1:01 PM ET
The shopping is underway, and the volunteers are helping our kids calculate how much they'll have left after each purchase! #TheBethCenter #BeatingTheOdds #WorkingForIt
December 19, 12:37 PM ET
Good morning everyone! Today's the day our kids go Christmas shopping with the money they're received for attendance and good behavior through the "Read to Lead" After School Academy. Let the shopping begin! #TheBethCenter #BeatingTheOdds #WorkingForEmpowerment
December 17, 10:12 PM ET
Good evening everyone! The kids had an awesome Christmas concert at the Bethlehem Center this evening. They performed two songs, received awards and gifts, and were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Several members of our board showed up, parents came to support their children, and then Christ UMC took the kids' parents Christmas shopping (for their own gifts)! Enjoy the picture below- you'll feel like you were here! Merry Christmas everyone! -the Beth Center staff P.S. Stay tuned to see Willie's Christmas message!
December 15, 11:29 AM ET
Good morning everyone! It's not too late to spend the end of your year with these blessed kids that are #BeatingTheOdds! Come watch the kids perform "The King's Birth", and a sign language version of "Silent Night" at the Christmas Concert on Wednesday Dec. 17 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm, for FREE! Then on Friday. Dec. 19, volunteer to help our children shop for Christmas gifts from 1:00 - 3:00 pm at the Gunbarrel Rd. Walmart. Volunteers need to be there at 12:00 p.m. If you are interested, contact Mr. David Meredith, Director of Educational Programming, at 423-266-1384 x. 4. We look forward to seeing you there! -the Beth Center staff
December 13, 1:28 PM ET
Register your team today!! Also if your in need of employment you will be able to fill out job applications online while waiting to play your scheduled game. Call the Bethlehem Center @ 423-266-1384 ext.5
December 12, 1:00 PM ET
Good afternoon! We would like to officially invite you to the Bethlehem Center Children's Christmas Concert on Wednesday Dec. 17 from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at the Bethlehem Center! Enjoy their very own rendition of "The Kings Birth" and a sign language performance of "Silent Night". It's a great way to celebrate Jesus and meet some of the awesome students and families that YOU support! We can't wait to see you! -the Beth Center staff, board, & children
December 12, 9:32 AM ET
Good morning everyone, The Bethlehem Center Thrift Store is having a $5 grab-it and bag-it sale today, Friday Dec. 12 from 12 - 3 pm at 4413 Brainerd Rd. Stock up on clothing and winter essentials at a super low deal, before its all gone! And all store-wide items (excluding furniture) are 30% off! See you this afternoon! -the Beth Center
December 8, 7:02 PM ET
Good evening everyone! This evening our kids are celebrating Christmas with the annual party at Christ Church. They're making there own Christmas ornaments, and painting their own hoodies! They'll even have story time and dinner. Studies show that children enrolled in after-school educational programs for 4-6 years have 30-40% lower retention rates and special ed. placement. Also, happy kids are 60% less likely to suffer mental illness than unhappy kids. So excited to see these kids' smiling faces, and to have a community that is so invested in their lives! Thanks to all who volunteered, cooked dinner, and got paint all over their hands for these kids! Sincerely, -the Beth Center staff #BeatingTheOdds #ChristmasTime #HappyKids #GetInvolvedToday #TheBethCenter
December 8, 12:22 PM ET
Good Monday Morning! Thank you to everyone who attended the #TriOctavesChristmasConcert this past Friday and Saturday. We had a blast with you all! It's a new week and we have plenty more opportunities for YOU to get involved with the kids and community YOU care so much about! 1) Volunteer to tutor a child, read to him or her, or lead recreation for a class for JUST one hour this week. -> Why? Because these children need intentional investments into their future, and God has blessed YOU with some AWESOME gifts! 2) Help a child shop for Christmas gifts for him and his family. -> Why? Because they won their shopping money through class participation and you encourage them and teach them how to give back! To participate, contact our Volunteer Coordinator- Kim Jonas via email at kjonas@thebeth.org, or call her at 423-266-1384 x.6. These kids CANNOT wait to get to know YOU! Sincerely, -the Beth Center staff & board
December 8, 11:49 AM ET
The Bethlehem Center is a 94-year-old501 ( c ) (3) nonprofit organization in Alton Park, Chattanooga that empowers youth & family through faith, education, and leadership development. Watch the video to learn more about the lives being changed in Alton Park, then head to our website -> www.thebeth.org to get involved.
December 5, 11:07 PM ET
And at the end if the evening, Santa visited our kids! Come check it out for yourself at Christ United Methodist Church Dec. 6 at 5pm. It's FREE! #tri-OctavesCheistmasConcert #TheBeth
December 5, 8:48 PM ET
It's not over yet...the Jacksons came to town and they're "Tellin' It On The Mountain"! #TriOctavesChristmasConcert #TheBeth
December 5, 7:59 PM ET
It's Christmas time and we just wanted you to share in the joy with us. Enjoy these pics and get ready for tomorrow evening! #TriOctavesChristmasConcert #TheBeth
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