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Yesterday, 11:20 AM ET
Our little dancers are having so much fun learning new steps with Ms. Britney! Thank you Dance Tonight Chattanooga for being a part of our summer camp. 🙂 #thebeth #jumpstartcamp
June 27, 2:53 PM ET
Thank you Pentecostals of East Ridge for volunteering this past Saturday! We appreciate you organizing our computer lab and weeding and trimming our rose bushes. #volunteershoutout #thebeth
June 23, 3:55 PM ET
New blog alert! Here's a peek into our blog about the Morning Manna program written by our Marketing Assistant. Click to read more!
June 22, 3:59 PM ET
We are proud to share the first video of the “What If” series created by our B.L.U. students and Causeway! Our students want the community to place themselves in the shoes of those who live in poverty and deal with abuse, bullying ,and gang violence. Our students hope that the more we seek to understand each other, the more we can truly make a difference. Keep a look out for more videos! #WhatIfCHA
June 19, 2:14 PM ET
The Painted Story Children's Gallery open house is tonight! See work from local artists such as Hollie Berry who enjoys the traditional work of oil painting. Don't miss out on this fun event here at the Beth at 6 p.m.! Your donation of $5 or more will help support the gallery and our Read to Lead Academy. Learn more about our featured artists here:
June 16, 2:01 PM ET
Check out this awesome way to help support the Painted Story Gallery and our Read to Lead Academy! Purchase a one of kind shirt or make a donation for a child to receive a shirt and an art lesson from a local artist. Click below for details.
June 16, 12:46 PM ET
Come support @paintedstory gallery and local artists on Monday, June 19th from 6- 8 p.m.! (Here at the Beth) With just a $5 minimum donation you can help support this amazing gallery and also our Read to Lead Academy. You don't want to miss this open house where you can view art from a kid's perspective and enjoy hors d'oeuvres that are sure to take you back to your childhood.
June 15, 2:18 PM ET
Our open house with Painted Story Children's Gallery has a new time! The event is still this coming Monday, June 19th but will now be from 6-8 p.m. Come show your support for local artists such as Mark Gates whose love for texture, color, and mixed media is sure to pull you into his art. Visit to learn more about our featured artists. See you Monday!
June 14, 1:43 PM ET
Our open house with Painted Story Children's Gallery is just around the corner! Come to the Beth Monday, June 19 at 6 p.m. to see art by Jessica Messina, one of the featured artist, who has a background in graphic design and loves to paint and draw for anyone who asks! Learn more about Jessica at and visit for more details about our open house. Hope to see you there!
June 13, 1:36 PM ET
We are so blessed to have a summer camp overflowing with kids! Thank you to those who sponsored a camper, donated items for our classrooms where kids will learn about earth sicence, art, and more, and who have dedicated their time to make sure our camp runs smoothly. #thebeth #summercamp
June 12, 10:30 AM ET
Our B.L.U. crew had an awesome experience in Chicago! They went to many cool places such as Valoi's, President Obama's favorite restaurant near his childhood home, and to Daley's Restaurant, where Martin Luther King Jr. ate back in the day. Thank you Sunshine Gospel Ministries and our honorary crew member, Valake, for your hospitality. You have helped our students realize that they are capable of making a difference. #BLU #theBeth #Chicago
June 8, 2:15 PM ET
Thank you Camp Lookout volunteers for weeding our community garden and cleaning our bistro dining area and performance stage. We have enjoyed having you at the Beth! #volunteershoutout #wecanmakeadifference
June 7, 3:08 PM ET
Our B.L.U. students are having a great time doing their service projects with Sunshine Gospel Ministries ,sharing fellowship with the United Methodist community, and spending some down time at Lake Michigan. We are so proud of their desire to help others. #leadersinthemaking #thebeth #BLU #chicago
June 6, 3:38 PM ET
Our pre-camp week with Adventure Serve Ministries is off to a great start! It's not too late to register your child for Jump STArt Camp which officially starts next Monday, June 12. Call (423) 266-1384 ext 4 for more info today!
June 5, 2:02 PM ET
Our B.L.U. students are off to Chicago! We're so excited for them to experience a new city and help the community with Sunshine Gospel Ministries. Stay tuned for updates on their trip! #leadersinthemaking #thebeth #BLU
June 2, 2:32 PM ET
Ladies, spend your Saturday empowering your mind and pampering your spirit with FREE workshops provided by Rivers of Living Water. Learn tips for your finances, relationships, natural hair care, and more! WHEN: Tomorrow, Saturday, June 3 at 8 a.m. WHERE: The Bethlehem Center. Call (423)266-1384 ext 3 to register today!
May 31, 4:35 PM ET
Join us this Saturday June 3rd for the "Titus II Woman" conference presented by Rivers of Living Water. Ladies will learn how to pamper their body, spirit, and soul with a series of workshops. The conference starts at 8 a.m. here at the Beth. Call Gloria Dubose at (423) 266-1384 ext 3 to register for free today.
May 26, 4:15 PM ET
Need something to do this summer? How about being a positive influence in your community? Learn how to become a volunteer today! Call Brian Allen at (423) 266-1384 ext. 5.
May 25, 4:10 PM ET
Throwback to our B.L.U. students making a difference in New Orleans! In a few weeks they will travel to Chicago and work with Sunshine Gospel Ministries. They'll do service projects with local organizations and tour different universities. We can't wait! #thebeth #BLU
May 24, 4:02 PM ET
“To educate a child is to turn walls into doors.” - Unknown #readtolead #thebeth
May 23, 4:10 PM ET
Our open house with the Painted Story Children's Gallery will be here before we know it! Check out this piece from artist Robert Schoolfield who says he wants to make art that allows people to feel. We can't wait to share his work with the community. See you June 15th!
May 19, 4:10 PM ET
Enjoy your weekend!
May 18, 4:55 PM ET
Causeway is partnering with our B.L.U. program to help give our students a voice in their community. Our students will participate in a video series called “What If” that will speak on bullying, gang violence, poverty, and abuse. The series will encourage viewers to imagine a life where they are confronted with these issues on a daily basis. The series will premiere at the Beth on Thursday, May 25 at 5:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!
May 18, 1:03 PM ET
We want to give a huge thank you to Cupcake Kitchen for helping us celebrate our Student of the Month and our students graduating from middle school! Our kiddos LOVED their beautiful cupcakes. :) #cupcaketime #graduation #chocolateislife
May 17, 4:35 PM ET
Our new student of the month is Bria! Bria is a 3rd grader at Calvin Donaldson. Her favorite thing to do in the whole world is to help others. She also enjoys writing and playing with her friends. She is a wonderful role model to her younger brother and our other students. Bria is a joy to have at the Beth. #thebeth #studentshoutout
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