The Bethlehem Leadership Unit (BLU)


What is B.L.U.

The Bethlehem Leadership Unit (B.L.U.) is a leadership training program for middle and high school students in Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

We're using BLU to empower youth with the tools they need to be effective citizens by introducing them to the concept of being a leader who serves and values innovation.

We use leadership camps and trips during fall break and spring break, entrepreneurship workshops, mentoring, activities, and a leadership curriculum to show students how to lead others.

Our greatest desire is that BLU will inspire these young change-makers to believe that they can be competent leaders in their schools and communities.

BLU Students will receive:

  • Membership into an elite group 
  • Mentoring
  • Fun learning opportunities 
  • Exclusive activities 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Leadership development 
  • Real world problem-solving skills
  • Lasting friendships


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