We Are:

A 95 year-old faith-based nonprofit organization empowering South Chattanooga children and families to live stable and productive lives!

Our Tools:

FaithBecause we were created to know christ

We share Christ with our children and families because we know that He is the solid foundation that secures a healthy life.

EducationBecause Knowledge is power

Our education programs target three age groups: adolescent (1st-8th grade), young adult (9th-12th grade), and adult (high school graduates on).

Click the age-group that you're interested in to learn about the programs we offer.

CharacterBecause Character builds leaders

We teach our program participants values like integrity and servant leadership which empower them to be the change they want to see in themselves, their families, their communities, and their city.

LeadershipBecause we are called to train up the next generation

Our leadership training inspires students to model the way and enable others to act.